Behavior Tips & Tricks Issue #10: Come

//Behavior Tips & Tricks Issue #10: Come

Behavior Tips & Tricks Issue #10: Come

In the last issue we discussed what you should know about taking your dog to obedience class. In this issue we are going to talk about getting your dog to come when you call and how to stop your run away dog from escaping and roaming.

As a dog owner it's you know how important it is for your dog to come when you call them. When they fail to heed your call, it can spell big trouble. For instance, they can wander off and get lost, or even worse run into traffic and get hit by a car.

Unfortunately, there are some dog owners who still allow their dog to roam free without a leash or proper training. Unless your faithful canine companion is extremely well trained to heal this is never a good idea.

As the owner you are responsible for their health and well being, so whenever you are out for a walk in an unfenced area you should always have your dog on a leash. In fact, many urban areas require that all dogs are leashed or the owner could face fines.

Another good reason for keeping your dog leashed when you are enjoying an outing together is because once they become aware that they can roam free and unencumbered, they could care less about obeying your commands.

Once they have this perception, they will be more than happy to delay heeding your calls, that is if they ever decide to come at all. If you've never experienced this type of behavior from your faithful friend, count yourself lucky. However, if you have, do your best to correct this bad behavior as quickly as possible.

To accomplish this you must first teach them to respond when you say “come here” and other commands. When you use the “come here” command, use a firm tone and follow up with a treat and praise. You want to make coming back to you is as pleasant as possible for your dog, so that they don't connect the command with a bad experience.

When it comes to keeping your faithful canine companion contained in your yard there may be sometimes when your dog goes astray no matter how well restrained and trained they are. As a matter of fact most dogs are very good at formulating an escape plan in any circumstances all by themselves and once they figure out how to do it they will repeat the action as often as possible.

Of course you will want to make your yard a secure as possible before leaving your faithful canine companion alone in it for any length of time.

Make sure that the fencing is sufficient enough that they will stay in the controlled environment. If you have a dog that has a habit of digging, you may have to reinforce around the bottom of your fence to keep them in.

As with other types of bad behavior one thing you can do is eliminate it is to keep your dog busy with toys, activities and be sure to wear them out before leaving them alone in the yard for long periods of time. This will help reduce their desire for escape.

Also make sure that they have plenty of water and comfortable place to rest while you are away. This will help keep them from being bored, so that they don’t think about trying to escape as much.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about how to deal with inappropriate urination issues.

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