Behavior Tips & Tricks Issue #12: Begging

//Behavior Tips & Tricks Issue #12: Begging

Behavior Tips & Tricks Issue #12: Begging

In the last issue we talked about how to deal with inappropriate urination issues. In this issue we are going to talk about how to keep your dog from begging and tearing out the trash.

Some dogs develop the bad habit of begging very early on. If this annoying habit plagues your faithful canine companion then you will be glad to hear that this is a fairly easy behavior to correct.

As with any type of behavioral training you must be consistent when you are trying to stop them from begging every time they see food. It’s also important that if there are other people in your house, they follow suit by being consistent as well.

– Putting a Stop to Your Dogs Bad Begging Habits For Good

One thing you can do is find something that your dog should naturally dislike eating. For instance; you can try fruit like sour apples that are bitter. Give your dog a sample to see whether or not they will eat it.  If they don’t like the smell or taste of the food you can use it to help teach them not to beg.

Whenever your dog begging to beg simply feed them the food that they don't like and pretty soon they will get the idea that you don't have anything good to offer them and the begging should cease.

Remember for this technique to work everyone in the house has to be consistent, refrain from feeding the dog when it begs and be willing to present them with the food that they dislike when they do, so your dog will get the right message.

You can also say “no” consistently.  Make sure that you mean it; otherwise, your dog will know that you're not serious. Eventually, your dog will get the message and stop begging. On the other hand, it’s important that you feed them their meals on a regular schedule so that they won't become overly hungry and start begging.

– Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Trash

There is no doubt that most dogs are attracted to trash. They like how it smells and tastes. Sometimes they just like to rummage through it because they're bored and they are also more than happy to dig through it to see if  they can find yummy leftovers to eat.

If your faithful canine companion loves to tear out the trash here are some good ways that you can stop them in their tracks:

If you should catch them going through the trash, you can walk up on them and reprimand them with the “bad dog” command and tell them to get out of the trash.

You can also remove the temptation by moving the trash can to a location that your dog doesn't have access to but where you can still access it with ease, for example the pantry or laundry room.

Make sure your dogs dish is full. While most pet owners agree that this won't make much of an difference because some dogs will still be glad to tear out the trash, it does help eliminate one of the main reasons behind this bad behavior.

Make sure that you are doing your part by blocking every opportunity for your dog to get in the trash. Take out the trash often, especially if you don’t have a trash can that has a lid. Consider investing in a trash can that operates with your foot so that you can make sure that the trash can stays closed at all times.

Check out your local pet store. There are all sorts of products designed specifically for this common problem. There are all sorts of pet proof trash cans available on the market, from ones with locking lids, to receptacles with motion sensors. There are also special sprays and devices that serve as a deterrent to keep your dog from rooting around in your trash.